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Ardlair 12 Jahre Single Cask – Whiskyfacile

WFACILE SRL, via Pitteri n.10, Milano

Ardlair is the name of the uncommon unpeated Ardmore, so this Refill bourbon barrel #800421 (237 bottles, cask strength) is a kind of an unicorn. Bottled in partnership with HAUS whisky bar. Since the first nose, it’s suddenly clear you have a fresh and mineral spirit in your glass. It starts with green apples, lemon and gooseberries, with a pleasant and delicate sweetness of icing sugar. Some minerality pops up, along with a scent of buttery pastry and vanilla ice cream. But it's on the palate where the magic happens: an oily, mouthcoating sip really surprises you. The high ABV it’s barely noticeable, and the panorama becomes more complex: licorice, a pinch of salt and a mesmerizing tapestry of chalk, gunpowder and a memory of a fireplace. The oily and mineral finish is indeed a hymn to the Scotch infinite variety.

Cask: Refill Bourbon Barrel #800421
Distilled 2010
Bottled 2023

Brennerei/Marke: Ardmore
Peated/unpeated: Unpeated
Kategorie: Single Malt Whisky
Herkunftsland: Schottland
Region: Highlands
Alkoholgehalt: 59,4 %vol.
Alter in Jahren: 12
Mit Farbstoff: Nein
Kühlfiltration: Nein

110,00 €

Inhalt: 0.7 Liter (157,14 € / 1 Liter)

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Produktnummer: SW10248