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Williamson 12 Jahre Single Cask – Whiskyfacile

WFACILE SRL, via Pitteri n.10, Milano

Another whisky that is not named after its distillery. Williamson is the name for independent bottler Laphroaig, often “teasponed” as in this case. The refill bourbon barrel #923 gave 156 bottles at cask strength. The colour is a deep, bright amber. First nose, first love: it almost smells like the old style Laphroaigs. The elegant but intense and medicinal peat, rounded by the barrel, recalls the seaside, with its rocks and its seaweed. Salted caramel, kippers and that comfortable sense of a bonfire on the beach. Even if the sandalwood and leathery notes reminds you to a cozy living room. On the palate it literally explodes through embers, salt, Parma ham and wood spices. Ashy fudge, glorious mouthfeel, silky, infinite finish. And your mouth will be cuddled forever by the length of the sea that meets the fire.

Cask: Refill Bourbon Barrel #923
PPM: 80
Distilled 2010
Bottled 2023

Brennerei/Marke: Laphroaig
Peated/unpeated: Peated
Kategorie: Blended
Herkunftsland: Schottland
Region: Islay
Alkoholgehalt: 58,4 %vol.
Alter in Jahren: 12
Mit Farbstoff: Nein
Kühlfiltration: Nein

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